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Composite Doors Barnsley

uPVC Door & Window Repairs

uPVC (& Composite) Doors & Windows get a lot of repeated use and serve their purpose for many years, of course over time, parts will wear out.

Handles, hinges, locking mechanisms and the locks themselves can by turned/used multiple times a day every day of the year. When a door or window is closed and the locks engaged you should feel the door/window compress into the seals, however it should still be easy to operate.  If closing and locking your door or window is difficult then besides it being frustrating, you could also be prematurely wearing out mechanisms by 'forcing' the unit to close. Whether it is a door handle that sags and doesn't turn properly, a locking mechanism that jams, a key that you struggle to turn or a hinge that has failed, all these parts are interchangeable and replacing worn parts allows your door to continue to operate for many years to come.
If you have a query or after some advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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It could be that there are no obvious issues with using your door but you may feel draughts or see water coming through gaps between the door and frame, this can often be addressed by replacing the gasket seals that have perished.  

Sometimes it is a simple alignment issue that means a door will not close or seal properly. Over time, lock keeps and hinges can move but by making the necessary adjustments to correct these, your door can operate and seal correctly again.
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