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Misted Double Glazing

Does your double glazing glass have condensation that you can't wipe away?

This is because the condensation is within the cavity on the inside of the two panes of glass indicating the once sealed unit has become compromised. Apart from obstructing visibility and generally being frustrating to look at, a blown/misted double glazing unit is actually now not functioning as it should. As the glass is no longer sealed, the unit is no longer performing as a double glazed unit as the air or gas filled cavity that creates the thermal insulation is now not able to keep cold air out, retain the heat from your home or allow solar heat to be retained within the house.
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If you have misted/blown or damaged glass it does not mean you need to replace your entire window, you can just replace the glazing. This is at a fraction of the cost and without the disturbance of replacing the entire window.  Modern uPVC windows are beaded internally and older ones externally but either way the beading can be removed and the misted glass swapped out for a brand new sealed unit.  

The efficiency of double glazing has improved drastically over recent years both in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. In regards to your entire home if you are happy with your current uPVC frames and do not require them to be replaced you can still improve the thermally efficiency of you home by replacing your old glass for new A-Rated Double Glazing.
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