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Garage Doors Castleford

Garage Threshold Seals

Had enough of sweeping leaves out of your garage?

Does water come under your door, when it rains?

Keep your garage dry, debris free and keep rodents out with a garage floor threshold strip.  They are fitted up to the back of the door internally meaning their is no aesthetic change from the outside when the door is closed


With a low and discrete profile these floor seals are designed to be driven over yet greatly reduce and in some circumstances eradicate draughts (door type dependent).

If you have a query or after some advice, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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There are two sizes available, the standard size is suitable for most applications but there is also an XL version which can take care of even larger gaps.

Both versions share the same features of an eco-friendly high strength rubber that is flexible yet durable with anti-slip ridges and a yellow safety strip.

We also replace the bottom draught seals for insulated rollers, single skin rollers and sectional doors.

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