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Rockdoor Composite Doors

Composite & uPVC Doors

The front door is often one of the first impressions of your house.  With a wide range of panel designs, colours, glazing options and hardware choices you can truly personalise your new door ready to welcome you and visitors in to your home. 

A new thermally efficient door will not only eradicate draughts but in turn reduce your energy bill costs.  Furthermore with the ever increasing concern for home security, improved locking mechanisms and anti-burglary locks will give you extra peace of mind.

A choice of thesholds to suit all installation scenarios including, wheelchair spec thresholds which allow for smooth access to your property whether it be a wheelchair, pram or a delivery that requires a sack barrow.
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Composite Door Companies

For composite doors we install Rockdoor Composite Doors.  Rockdoor are the original, longest established and market leading composite door manufacturer. Rockdoor use innovative manufacturing processes that ensure their door is head and shoulders above other composite doors available on the market.


Please feel free to have a look at the Rockdoor brochure or website but to summarise, two distinctive characteristics that separate them from the rest are: 

They replace timber (which can often warp over time causing the panel to bow, which then causes issues with locking the door and draughts) with a welded aluminium framework.

Secondly, the glazing in a Rockdoor is integral to the door as it is sealed within the inner and outer skin of the door meaning it is impossible for intruders to remove the glazing (a method often used to gain access) and you will never

suffer with draughts as there are no exposed glazing seals than can fail over time.  


Rockdoor even offer an optional upgrade to have a welded steel mesh inside the door panel to prevent intruders being able to cut through the door to gain access, again a method often used in break-ins.

Unfortunately as with everything in life there are the high quality, well constructed products such as a Rockdoor and then the cheap 'imitation' versions.  Whilst a cheap composite door may look the part on day 1, they really aren't built to last and often come with very short warranties.  


The two photos below (we cut the panel to demonstrate) are of a cheap composite door we removed and replaced with a Rockdoor.  The customer had only had the door fitted 3 years prior and in that time the glazing unit had blown, the door panel had bowed meaning the customer was suffering with draughts and when it rained, water would come through the external beading and run down the inside of the door to the extent than if it rained for more than a few hours it would flood the immediate flooring.  As you can see from the photos there is very little structure to the internal construction of these cheap composite doors.

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uPVC Doors

Due to their declining popularity since the invention of the composite door, many companies will not offer to install uPVC doors anymore. However we recognise that uPVC doors are sometimes a preferred option and will still improve security, insulation and aesthetics if you are replacing an old timber or older early uPVC door. Equally you may be looking for a new set of uPVC French doors or sliding patio doors.
uPVC Doors
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