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Garage Doors Doncaster

Repairs & Servicing

We carry out repairs on all types of domestic garage doors.  Whether its new cables, springs, rollers, control boards or remotes, we can help.  Many of the most common repairs are not costly and a small fraction of the price of a new door. We personally offer you a 12 month guarantee on all remedial work we carry out including the replacement parts (subject to the condition of your door).

We keep a stock of the most common spares and yet even with there being such a wide range of doors and models, we can often source most parts within a few days. Should you find yourself in the situation of your door being stuck open, we can secure your door until your part arrives.

'Prevention is better than cure'

Garage doors have a lot of moving parts and yet they are often overlooked in terms of ongoing maintenance. We don't question having our car or boiler serviced annually yet the garage door that may be used several times a day, every day of the year, is left unserviced. All manufacturers state that to maintain a warranty the door must have been routinely serviced.